DSAND Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.

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Founded in 2016 by Dr Sandeep Gupta in Indore (MP) India, Expertise in producing Animal Feed supplement premixes
Mission: To meet the daily nutrient requirement of Poultry and Dairy Animals by providing best quality feed supplements, thereby improving their productivity.
Vision: We aspire to become worlds leading supplier of Animal healthcare products
Values: All our services are based on the following 3 values
1) Honesty: We always deliver what we commit
2) Transparency: Our clients trust us due to 100% transparency we maintain
3) Quality: We strive for excellence through continuous improvement

Our Key Products

Proease is a food grade ultra-filtrate purified protease enzyme. It is characterized by its ability to hydrolyze large proteins into smaller peptides and amino acids. Proease
consists of a single polypeptide chain with three disulfide bridges and a sulfhydryl group necessary for activity of the enzyme. Proease shows extensive proteolytic activity towards proteins, shortchain peptides, amino acid esters and amide links and is applied extensively in the fields of food and medicine

GROWEASE is an unique combination of hydrolyzed proteins with enzymes contains high levels of all the essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids and it also contains Omega 3 Fatty acids for essential body functions. One of the reasons why GROWEASE is incorporated in poultry nutrition because it has high Biological Value (BV). As a result, proteins with the highest BV promote the most lean muscle gains. It’s enzymatic bounding improves absorption of other protein sources in the diet. Due to the synergistic effect of GROWEASE, it accelerates weight gain very fast.

BACTOZEST is a novel combination of 5 strains of Bacillus Species selected carefully for their probiotic properties exhibited through invitro and invivo studies. The strains and its concentration in BACTOZEST are selected carefully depending on their enzyme production capacity which helps in optimum digestion and health. The selected strains also regulate the microbial ecosystem in the gut of birds helping to prevent harmful effects of pathogenic and non-beneficial bacteria. The selected strains are robust and thermostable.

Superclausii WS contains spore-forming bacteria that can survive, transit through the acidic environment of the stomach and also to small intestine even in presence of antibiotics. It regulates microbial ecosystem in the gut of poultry helping to prevent harmful effects of pathogenic and non-beneficial bacteria. The beneficial effect of Superclausii WS is also due to its proven ability to modulate the immune response. It has been widely used for the prevention of viral diarrhoea and also for relieving the side effects due to antibiotic administration.